1920’s Interior

An environment inspired by reappropriating Chinese influences on Art Deco furniture.

In engine Screenshots

Construction Highlights:

Raining Window:
In order to create fake depth within the material as well as a faux raindrop on the glass, I connected a bump offset to the Base Color Texture parameter. The normals would pan with an alpha generated in Substance Designer, but knowing that the lights of the city were emissive, I attached the same bump offset node to the emissive channel of my MRE. The metalness of the surface created the reflection of the glass.
Modular Walls:
In order to be economic with texture memory and practice modularity. I modelled the walls and UVed them so that the same texture asset would be able to map seamlessly with various models.

Marble- Topped Side Table
Art Deco furniture structurally echoed the architecture of the era. I knew that the negative spaces in between the legs were necessary and unable to ignore, so I focused on making the surface simple but elegant to save on poly-count. I used Substance Painter to mimic the look of marble, playing special attention to create the iconic flecks of gold in the veins.

Programs Used:

Maya, ZBrush, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 4

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